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How ZYFFY works

Select the service you need
Select the service you need
Answer few quick questions
Upload photo if needed
Receive responses

You will receive offers from companies who would like to provide you this service in the time and location. Choose offer you like.

Get it done
After the job is done rate the company and leave your feedback.



  • Select which service you need.
  • All companies who match your request will receive your request.
  • In short time you will receive replies from companies.


  • Enter the search and get many pages of mixed results.
  • Click each link and contact each company separately.
  • You are not sure if you contact the right company or get best offer.

Why Zyffy is better

  • No need to search, no need to contact multiple companies.
  • In Google you will never contact all companies, you can’t be sure you get best service.
  • Instead the companies will contact you.