What is CHEAP ?


Do you want Cheap things? Or …

What really means CHEAP?


How many times you have heard someone who’s selling something trying to convince you by telling how cheap his/her product is!

Really -is this the best way to sell!!!   Do you want to have cheap things? Who wants to have cheap things!

Do you want to go to eat in a good restaurant good food – or you want to eat cheap food in a cheap place?

Do you want to buy cheap or you want good things, nice things, expensive things- but you don't want to pay too much ?!  
All people want AFFORDABLE things - not cheap things. 
Cheap means - you cant afford it. 

Cheap has actually today some bad sound- people are called cheap and also is sometimes even used as a curse word- you have such a cheap watch/phone/car!

People dream of Mercedes or Ferrari and not of Tata motors or tuk-tuk!

You can never hear someone saying – hey- wow you have such an amazing cheap watch/phone!


So why then salespeople trying to convince people to buy because is cheap …. Is not really the best selling point.


No one wants cheap things, but rather – pay less for good things.  People want to be sure they not OVERPAYING of what you selling – and that what you selling has some quality and VALUE for them.


So what is needed sell is – VALUE and AFFORDABILITY.


So how to sell VALUE? How to make the client want to buy what you selling?

This is in our next post … coming soon

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